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Guidelines for Making Paper Beads

In the history of paper bead making it can be dated in England where young ladies gathered socially in order to make paper beads from a scrap of wallpapers rolling them on knitting needles. The bids would then be polished with beeswax and string them on two long pieces of yarn. Piece long piece pieces will be used to make a cat indoors for dividing rooms. In the modern world, paper bead making has evolved to paper bead jewelry. Organizations have also used an artist to make paper beads for their development projects. Therefore it has helped in the charities aid because they provide sustainable income and development opportunities. paper bead making has created jobs for the youth that are unemployed especially in developing countries.

The paper bead making requires tools and materials. The tools and materials that are required are paper from magazine pages wrapping paper wallpaper colored at paper among others, pencil roller craft knife straight edge self-healing cutting mat metal skewer soft paintbrush glow wooden cocktail sticks soft paintbrush varnish and oasis florist block. These tools and materials enables a person to work efficiently.

Paper bead making also has therapeutic benefits such as decreasing illnesses related stress providing positive coping strategies helping patients find meaning in illnesses lowering the blood pressure it increases energy levels it also restores a sense of self-worth among others.
It is important to note that paper beads can be made from different patterns using different techniques. This will depend on different shapes the size and shape of the paper that has been cut out. The following list takes into account how to make paper beads. When one follows the following procedures they will be able to make their designs of paper beads.

The first procedure of making paper beads is cutting your paper. One should take the paper from a magazine or colored construction paper and cut them into triangles. It is important to note that the weight of the bed will be the base of the triangle and if you cut longer triangle the fatter the bead will be. It is recommended for a person to estimate by using a standard of 1 inch to 4-inch triangles. It is important to cut accordingly show us you can achieve the best result.

The second procedure is the addition of blue. After you cut the paper one should turn the triangle downwards and apply a bit of blue to the endpoints. When applying the glue it is recommended to use a tiny bit of liquid of the glue. After application, you should lol the bid around is itself using a Slender cylinder such as a toothpick.

The third procedure is to add vanish such as diamond glaze, Marvin medium among others and ensure it dries roughly. It is also important to ensure that the varnish does not stick to anything. Afterward, remove the bead from the slender cylinder and hold it to see your result. After you finish the first paper bead you can make more so that you can enhance your ability at the same time making different designs that you want.

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