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Taking Care of the Hooves of Horses

The care of the hooves of a horse is one of the most important routines of grooming a pet in horse care as if the hooves are unhealthy or damaged then a person will not be able to ride the horse. It does not take long to pick out the hooves and it needs to be done at least once in a day and most preferably before and after a person rides the horse. A person should not forget that even if they do not ride their horses, the hooves will still need to be cleaned.

The most essential tool for the job is a hoof pick which is an instrument that is hooked that can be used for removing stones, manure, and mud that can be embedded in the hoof. Most horses have been going through training to raise their hooves for cleaning when a person stands beside them and run their hands down the legs of the horses. A person needs to make sure that they can clean the area around the frog in a way that is thorough as it is the place where most infections are likely to start.

Apart from the discomfort and bruising that can happen when a stone is lodged in the hoof of a horse, the risk that is biggest from picking out that is infrequent is that of a thrush. If it is not treated for long enough the thrush will make a horse lame. The bacteria that bring about the thrush thrive in the environment that is moist and warm that is produced by a hoof filled with manure or mud. A person will recognize a case of thrush by the nasty smell that is produced. In the case that the situation is only mild, then a person will be able to use a lotion that is bought in a shop to help in getting rid of it but cases that are more severe will need a person to take the horse to a vet.

When a person has finished picking out, then they will need to move on with the next process of grooming a pet. This is the process of dressing the hooves with oil that is special that assists in increasing the amount of moisture in the hoof. By doing this a person will help in the prevention of issues that are common like hooves that are cracked, sore feet and loss of shoes.

After about six to eight weeks a person will need to have the horse shod as leaving them for a long time can lead to damage to the hooves and lameness. While a farrier is shoeing a horse, a person should ask him to trim the hooves that are ever-growing. This helps in keeping the hooves in good shape and stops the horse from losing balance which can result in lameness. A person needs to always make sure that they get a person who is experienced to perform the procedure and do not risk damaging the horse when a person attempts to do it by themselves.

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