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How to Pick a Neurologist

If you’re planning to see a neurologist, don’t take it for granted that all of them will be the same. They may all be experts in the same branch of medicine, but they are unique in a lot of ways that can affect whether or not they are right for you.

So before you make up your mind about seeing a particular neurologist, here are things you should consider first:

Personal Referrals

Begin by asking your primary care doctor for a recommendation. If you want more, talk to friends and family members. Make a list of at least three neurologists and ask for an appointment with each one of them. This is a perfect way to determine whether or not they are right for you.

Their experience – especially with the particular condition you have or might have – is among the most crucial things you should know as a potential patient. If the neurologist is supposed to perform a procedure on you, know their complication rates, the number of such procedures they’ve done in the past, and how likely you are to develop complications yourself.

Quality of Affiliated Hospital

Determine the quality of care that you can expect from the hospital where the neurologist works. Without a doubt, this is important – a better-rated hospital means reduced complications and better survival rates. Moreover, make sure the hospital is in location that encourages treatment.


If you have a medical condition, having a doctor who will patiently walk you through the details is highly reassuring. This is especially true when your problem involves your neurological health, which is typically a difficult subject for those who have not studied it. On your first meeting with the neurologist, observe how they respond to your questions. Are they accommodating? Everyone deserves a neurologists who views them as people and not simply medical cases to resolve.

Patient Satisfaction Reviews

If you want to know more about a neurologist, take time to read their online reviews posted by actual patients. When checking out reviews, watch out for comments about wait times, friendliness of the staff, how easy it is to schedule a consultation, and of course, the neurologist’s demeanor. One thing you have to remember though is that not all reviews online are credible. So choose your sources and stick to trusted third-party websites.

Your Insurance Policy

Lastly, one practical consideration you shouldn’t forget to make is whether the neurologist will accept your insurance. After all, you paid hard-earned money for that, so you need to use it where it fits.

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