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Important PRP Therapy Facts and Benefits Worth Noting

The use of platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy is becoming a popular method for speeding recovery and in proper healing. The therapy involves the injection of platelet-rich plasma into body areas that have undergone trauma. For people to speed up their recovery and improve their healing, the use of PRP therapy is most commonly combined with different types of surgery. You can even find many plastic surgeons that use both facelift and PRP therapy procedures in combination for a faster recovery time with highest quality results. Combing facelift surgery and PRP therapy not only offers both enhanced results and faster recovery. Here is everything you need to know about PRP therapy and more.

As previously stated, PRP therapy is the process of injecting platelet-rich plasma into the tissues of the individual who needs it. This injection is usually necessary so that the body of the person recovers from injuries better like the ones they get from surgery. Platelet-rich plasma often comes from the very own blood of the patient. A centrifuge is required to extract blood through spinning of samples. This kind of extraction is essential so that both solid and liquid components of the blood are separated, the liquid being liquid plasma and the solid being platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells. There is separation of platelets from the rest of the blood cells, and then plasma will be combined back with platelets.

Platelets are extracted from the blood because they help in healing by allowing the blood to clot. They also have growth factors that ensure the regeneration of cells. Thus, injecting PRP into injured and damaged areas of your body can improve the healing ability of your body.

There is improved healing in PRP therapy because the PRP injected into your damaged tissues will boost the regenerative capability of the cells in your body. When you inject PRP into sutures, beneath the skin, and incision sites, tissues will heal faster allowing you better results from your surgery. Improved healing is an essential benefit to PRP therapy yet that is not the only thing that you can enjoy from PRP therapy.

Another benefit of PRP therapy is reduced scarring. This advantage is going to help a lot of facelift surgery patients who want the aftermath of their surgery to be free from any visible appearance of scars.

The use of PRP therapy allows the increase in number of platelets in your tissues. With increased platelet count. the healing process in your body speeds up. This means you will have a faster recovery after your surgery.

PRP therapy allows reduction of swelling after surgery if it is combined with these methods. With the reduction of swelling, patients will be able to see the outcome of their treatment sooner.

lastly, there is less blood loss in PRP therapy. This is something that PRP therapy can give you because they help boost the number of platelets present in your injection sites. You can also decrease skin bruising with this therapy.

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