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What is a Plumbing Service Contractor All About?

A plumbing service is basically any repair or installation carried out on a plumbing system, the setup of plumbing fixtures / fittings or the repair of any fixtures/fixtures which are attached to the above mentioned systems in an ordinary residential, commercial or even industrial building. The plumbing industry is very big and diverse and there are many types of plumbing service available today. These plumbing services range from residential to commercial and they are usually carried out by plumbers who have undergone specific training as well as specialized plumbing experience.

It is not very difficult to find these plumbers because there are many franchisees and agents who deal in plumbing service in your locality or around the world. You can also go through yellow pages or do a Google search to find qualified plumbers. Most of them would have their own websites and you can easily find out information about them by browsing through their websites. In fact it has been noted that most of the times, if not all, the plumbers would have their own websites on the internet and often you can check out testimonials and feedback given by people who have availed of their services before. You can also ask your friends and family members about whom they would recommend for carrying out a plumbing service in your home or office.

There are two categories of plumbing service – Public and Private. A public plumbing service is carried out by governmental bodies, municipal departments and municipalities. They are responsible for providing potable water for homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other such institutions. Although these organizations are highly competent and experienced, they cannot perform certain plumbing repair jobs on their own and if they try they will be breaching their legal obligations and the law. So, it is highly recommended that one consults a plumbing service company before hiring them.

One can also engage a plumbing service company for commercial purposes like carrying out basement leak repairs, foundation cracks, trenchless sewer line replacements, bathroom seepage problems and installing storm water drains or tubs to name a few. They also provide with various forms of installation like pipe laying, block handling, sluicing, faucet installation, shower tray installation, counter installation, electrical panel installation, vessel and eave installation. Another category of plumbing service which is categorized as Private is that of Private Plumbing Company which is engaged by individuals for domestic or even commercial purposes like carrying out small home plumbing installations, repairing or installing bath tubs, sinks, showers, lavatories and toilets, etc.

A plumbing service contractor may also provide with installation and replacement of water pipes including bathtub repair, bathroom repair, toilet repair, ceramic floor repair, sump pump repair, counter installation, flapper repair, drain cleaning and so on. Moreover, they can also replace or install shower heads and replacement of water pipes including pedestal, solo, gravity, vertical and cubical showers. They can even provide emergency shut-off valves. They can also repair leaks in sewer lines and supply water to appliances. The best part is that they can perform all these services at a reasonable price.

However, it is essential to seek help from a professional plumber before going ahead with any of these plumbing services. As plumbing service contractors perform replacement and repair of plumbing equipment, it is important to first check their qualification before allowing them to start work. They should be licensed and bonded and also they should have proof of insurance. It is also necessary to know about the warranty they are providing to ensure no defects. Most reputed plumbing service companies even offer a guarantee to their customers in case they find a defect in the equipment they have installed. If a contractor is found lacking in any of these areas, it is advisable to opt for another service provider.

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