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How To Decide Between DIY Or Professional Military Medal Mounting

Medals hold a lot of importance, and as such, are handled with care as well with respect to the one who earned those, including such that are awarded for military service. But when it comes to deciding what’s best in terms of having these mounted, it can sometimes be difficult.

While we want to give due recognition and remembrance for excellence in service, the cost of having such work as military medal mounting may be out of the budget. There are also some points for having such worked on by professional medal mounters. But in the end, the best decision has to be made in favor of how to best show respect and value for the acts that earned these badges of merit.

Why do it yourself? Here are some reasons to invest your own time and effort into mounting military medals.

1. Sentiment and personal touch – Putting in your own effort to do the job of military medal mounting can be a way to show how much you value the recognition the medal symbolizes and more importantly, how great your regard is for the person it belongs to, if the medal is not your own.

Mounting the medal yourself could be a way of showing how you feel about the person as well as how much respect you hold for the same. The value of the effort you put into it cannot be estimated in monetary terms. What you put into working on it yourself cannot be bought and is priceless beyond measure.

2. Budget – The cost of military medal mounting could be significant and may be more than your available budget. You can save yourself a lot of money though by doing the job yourself and gain by having added some personal touches to the work. You will even be able to go into a lot more detail in the process than if you will get it done professionally.

3. Available online help – You may not know how to do the job, as it could be the first time you will do so. This is not a deterrent though from being able to succeed in the effort. There are some websites and online resources that could help get you through the job. Plus, there are images or even videos you could consult, so that mounting medals on your own would not be too tasking.

4. Cheaper to buy for yourself the materials and accessories needed for the job – There are available online shops that sell materials needed for the mounting job at cheap prices. The cost could be well below what you will spend for professional mounting services.

It is not totally a loss if you decide to work on mounting medals yourself, if you read up on the process and plan out what you need. The savings could be significant should you choose to take this on yourself.

Why have it done professionally? There may be some factors which would make professional military medal mounting services appealing.

1. Time – You may not have the time to invest in learning how to mount medals yourself. In this case, having the work done professionally may be the solution. Not knowing the process of mounting medals, it may take a while to properly learn what needs to be done. If time is an issue, having the job taken care of by a professional military medal mounting service is key.

2. Significance of the medal – The medal is a symbol of the honor you or the significant other deserves for having accomplished something while in service. It is a source of pride and deserves a medal mounting in keeping with such honor. When you choose a reliable medal mounting service, you can be sure of a professional finish.

3. Experienced professionals, reputable company – Perhaps the most significant reason for considering military mounting service by a recognized company is the wealth of experience such service providers have in performing the job. While you can always learn to do medal mounting, you may not quite equal the wealth of experience that a professional medal mounting company has gained doing several types of medal mounting jobs over a number of years.

Such have had the opportunity to hone and perfect their craft doing medal mounting for several clients, including policemen, firemen, military servicemen, military veterans, and so on, for years and years.

Much like Martel’s Medal Mounting service. They can assure a quality job for customized medal mounting work. The work they do equals the dedication that be-medalled servicemen have themselves exemplified in being awarded such medals of honor.

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