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How to Properly Clean a Leather Horse Bridle

The timeless leather bridle is the best option when you’re considering buying a bridle. These simple steps will guide you to clean your leather bridle appropriately.

Your horse’s bridle needs to be cleaned at least once every week. If you use the bridle regularly you should clean it more often than just once per week. The more you use the bridle, the more it gets dirty. It should also be cleaned immediately it gets soiled. When you clean it regularly, you will be able to notice any damages or need that need repair. Your bridle will last longer if you clean and repair it frequently.

Water and glycerin soap is required when you need to clean the bridle. The bucket should be filled with warm water. Ensure that you are using glycerin soap but not any other soap. There are many places to buy glycerin soap which are online stores, department stores, and saddlery stores. Apply glycerin soap on a piece of cloth and dip it into the warm water to dampen it. If you do not have a piece of cloth you can use a sponge for it will leave the bridle as clean as the cloth would have. Carefully rub every part of the bridle with more concentration on places that have stains, oil and soil to remove every dirt that is on it.

Use washing soda to remove dirt from a heavily soiled bridle. Washing soda is good at emulsifying oil and grease that cannot be removed by water and glycerin soap. Washing soda can be found online, at department stores or saddlery stores. Find a small bucket that you can feel warm water and makes the water with a handful of washing soda. Immerse a piece of cloth in the water that is mixed with washing soda and used to rub against the bridle.

The bridle needs to dry within a few days, therefore, do not put it inside the water or use a piece of cloth that is to wet. Ensure that all the glycerin soap or washing soda is wiped away from the bridle before you leave it dry. The bridle will last longer if it is not made too wet and glycerin soap or washing soda is also not left to accumulate on it.

Hang the bridle somewhere that is cool and dark for it to dry. The bridle cracks when it is exposed to fluctuating temperatures they have ensured that the place you choose has consistent temperature levels. Protect it from dust by covering it up with a soft cloth.

A leather bridle does not need regular oiling, but it should be oiled once per month. However new and very dry bridle requires regular oiling. This will keep it from cracking, make it flexible and smooth on the horse.
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