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Getting Water Filters for your House

There shall come a time when you need to have a water filter for your domestic use. You will likely turn to the market to see what you can get. But before you make up your mind on which one to get, you need to think of several things.
It is expensive to rely on bottled water for use in your house. There is also the fact that you cannot keep using tap water when you suspect it is not safe for use. It is best if you can have that eater filtered as the sensible option. You, therefore, need to follow this guide to pick the right one for your needs.

It helps when you first find out what your filtration needs are, to begin with. This calls for you to find out what is not supposed to be in the water, for you to see to its removal. There are usually annual water quality reports from the local authorities you can look into. Alternatively, you can have the water tested to see what is wrong with it.

Once you know what is wrong with the water, picking the right filter to purify it shall not be hard. One of the most popular ones is the activated carbon filter. They are designed to remove heavy metals such as copper, mercury and lead, as well as parasites, chlorine, and pesticides. If there are other substances in the water, you will need another type of filter. You need to think along the lines of a reverse osmosis purifier for certain chemicals, or a distillation system for arsenic. This is all pegged on the revelations of the tests you had done.

This shall be the time to either settle for a whole house filter, which gets installed on your water mains before you see the water in tour house. You can also go for a point-of-use filter, which filters it just before you use it. Examples of the point-of-use ones are the table top, wall mounted, or under the sink. When using a whole house filter, you need to know that it only filters mineral deposits and unpleasant odors and tastes. You need to also include the other point-of-use filters to remove the more harmful contaminants. The latter are more effective at such purification. You can only be certain when you get a carbon filter or RO purifier types.

It is important that you go for certified filters. This shall be how you are sure you are having the contaminants removed from the water. As much as the company may be certified, you need to be certain that their products are also certified. You need need to check the reputation of the company to be certain you are getting the best quality.

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